Re: Extropian Party Platform

Waldemar Ingdahl (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:52:40 CEST

><< "neutral". That is why compulsory schooling is wrong and
> should be abolished. Parents should deceide what school their kids should
> attend to.
>People *can* decide what schools to attend, it's curriculum that is

Do they? They have already paid their taxes, so they have to pay schooling once again if they want to send their kids to a private school. Only the very rich can do this.

>: )
>Standards are good. Eductational standards in public schools could be a
>higher, in fact. It's when they satrt outlawign Darwin and crap like that
>that things get scary.

Once upon a time most people didnīt have very intellectual jobs. To be able to read and write, do some simple maths, know a bit about the society you lived in and reading the bible was enough. But today the amount of accumulated knowledge is enormous-you have to specialize very early. That's why standards are increasingly bad in compulsory education, you cannot cover the increasingly more vast amounts of knowledge. This leads to that old knowledge is learnt in school. For instance here in Sweden a large amount of the topics taught in school are simply dated.

>IMO all people learning the same thing is probably good. It's kinda like
>software has to be compatable. Let's imagina a world without educational

A better more diverse world were transhumanism is probably more accepted.

>: ) If people were teaching kids whatever the hell they wanted, we'd have
>some PRETTY interesting schools out there.

Yep, that's my entire point, and if we don't do it we're going to have some really bad problems in the 21st century.

> >>>If we don't allow this liberty to people, people wont allow us
> >> our liberty and they are definitely in place to oppress us.
> >>
>"just becuase your not paranoid... does not mean they're not after you..."
>; - )

You don't think it is logical, that in a cultural climate of accepted oppression a minority with "strange" views will be more oppressed?

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