Re: Reforming Education

Robert Owen (
Sun, 17 Oct 1999 19:41:25 -0400

Clint O'Dell wrote:

> >From: "phil osborn" <>
> Phil Osborn wrote:
> >I would tend to hope that someone would read Rand before Stirner, so that
> >they could absorb the good things he had to say without getting lost in
> >subjectivism.
> I can't believe it. For the past few years since I came up with my
> philosophy of selfism it seems to be I'm not the only one.

Hello Clint,

Without getting lost in subjectivism, is it possible for you to summarize your philosophical position within the format constraints of electronic mail?

Although, as you know, I consider moral egoism based on a very reductionist view of Homo sapiens, the appreciation of all perspectives is of the highest order of importance.

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