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Sat, 16 Oct 1999 21:32:50 PDT

>From: "Clint O'Dell" <>
>Subject: Re: Reforming Education
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:06:53 MDT
>>The Standard Diagnostic Nomenclature of the American Psychiatric
>>Association includes in its description of "sociopathy" "the inability to
>>experience shame or guilt" and "the absence of internalized ethical or
>>moral standards of conduct", i.e. conscience, and in general "displays an
>>amorphous hostile disregard of society".
>"No one can criticize the Freudian theory unless he has been
>for opposition to the theory is normally caused by unconscious resistance,
>arising from the Oedipal complex, which distorts one's thinking.", American
>Psychiatric Association
>Don't you just love the way the psychiatric community try to control people
>the way Christians do? With distortians.
Or the way that the American Psychiatric Association was responsible for the NAZI death camps... They officially called for euthanasia of incurable mental patients in the 1920's or thereabouts. The idea was that diseases such as schizophrenia were in fact genetic and therefore incurable as such, so you could only put them out of their misery. The first victims of the German holocaust were those very mental patients. The German psychiatric association simply followed the American lead. Then the Jews - and other "lesser races" - were included as they were defined as a class as simply being another example of a genetic predisposition to a kind of incurable insanity.
Then, in the 50's and 60's, the American Psychiatric Association, in their wisdom, benevolence, and amazing sanity, was responsible for carving up tens of thousands of peoples brains in frontal lobotomies, etc., or subjecting them to brain damaging drug or electroshock. Later, their institutions became the means of convenience for tens of thousands of people to rid themselves of aging relatives and collect all those inheritances before they were too old to enjoy them.

Bottom line: If I were to try to increase my credibility, I don't think I would quote the American Psychaitric Association.

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