Is the Prometheus Project getting the support it needs??

john grigg (
Sat, 16 Oct 1999 14:00:07 PDT


How do you folks think the Prometheus Project is doing presently? I have just heard alot of talk recently about 21st Century Medicine? Do you think the four million in pledges will come through for the Prometheus Project? Is the research of the project proceeding along well?

I have have talked to Paul Wakfer via email and he seemed to have low spirits about progress. He has given so much in both time and money to the project and is tiring.

With 21st Century Medicine around is the Prometheus Project so necessary? It seems like the two organizations would undercut each other. I realize the Prometheus Project has the goal of reversible suspension technology being developed but in terms of attracting talent, attention and money I could see problems.

Will Dr. Fahey's prediction of fully reversible brain preservation a realistic one? Is working toward the goal of fully reversible full-body suspension just too unrealistic? I have heard many reports of how difficult it would be to do in a complex mammal such as ourselves.

I see the Prometheus Project as having an appeal regular cryonic organizations do not because the long-term research goal is toward fully REVERSIBLE suspension. I found the arguments touching in his website when he spoke or sparing for a better time the unborn, the handicapped, the terminally sick and injured and the old. I think considering who it could help the churches and the pentagon should get into the act. Achieving the goal of the project will be of course a long-term and expensive one going beyond what even 21st Century Medicine has attempted.

What can we do as individuals and groups to aid the Prometheus Project? I realize alot has been done but serious fundraising must continue. I put to Paul the idea which he liked of approaching through mail or the phone the extreme wealthy to raise revenue though he said attempts earlier at it had failed for his project. I know we have been down this road before but it is worth the effort if it works out only once in the form of a large donation.

Could the Prometheus Project be neglected due to 21st Century Medicine? I realize we need both. I look forward to your replies.


John Grigg

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