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<< "Ok, your grades from the government board are good, but they
tend to be too lax on the critical thinking section. We would like you to have grades from one of these boards, which emphasizes more relevant abilities."). Of course, the Kansas Board of Creationist Science might exist, but that is no real problem since it will not be a very credible board - what really makes this system interesting is if the boards can be reviewed and rated well. >>

This would be a good opportunity for a new field: education experts. One of the problems with democracy - though it is fair, it often is easily swayed by advertising, religious beliefs or just plain mob-mentality (ignorance). Look at what can't be taught in the school: sex education, or many other subject matter. Don;t even get me started on the voters: the issues of same sex marriages, voted down again and again and more --such as euthanasia and legalization of drugs. Seems common sense to me, but the mainstream isn't too hot on them. Why?
Usually religion...
An outside source of rating our school standards would be very nice ... but is it plausible? Would schools stick to it? They barely stick to the low-standard government ones (I know you're in Europe I mean here in USA).