metaTHAAD: MAD and Bokov maxima

Spike Jones (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 19:01:53 -0700

> How about a scheme where a whole bunch of missiles (10? 100?) works
> together. A couple get destroyed, the rest get trigger-happy.
> Emlyn the Destroyer

How about a scheme where we know about how many nukes there are in the world and build 5 times as many THAADs and supporting radar infrastructure. I dont see why we couldnt take em all out, every last one.

Secondly, Im kinda surprised extropians arent jumping on this. The MAD strategy works when you have two or perhaps three nuke capable superpowers, but what if you have 12, like we do now? What if you have 50? Can we not foresee a situation like Pakistan and India: They hate each other, but China hates them both, so what if China lobbed one at India, hoping India would think Pakistan did it, retaliate, Pakistan retaliates. The US, with our infrastructure, could figure out China tossed the first one, and then what?

The sitation is unstable. Weve painted ourselves into a corner. The whole MAD strategy is a Bokov maximum. {8-|

We *must* sell every country THAAD missiles. Soon. spike