Anti-GM Terrorists Plan Attack

Chris Fedeli (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 18:09:59 -0400

I know we've covered this ground already but this one sounds pretty serious. It came to me by way of the list.

> Harvest Time 1999
> Greetings fellow nightime gardeners, activists,
> supoporters and of course our opposition, the "life
> sciences" industry:
> !Ya Basta! Let our resistance be as transnational as
> their capital!
> Resistance to genetic engineering in the form of crop
> actions have proliferated rapidly in the last two
> months. From the California Croppers, Lodi Loppers,
> Cropatistas and oursleves in California to the Bolt
> Weevils in MN to the Seeds of Resistance and our
> unnamed friends in Maine and VT the call to action has
> been answered. Finally, we are at a point where the
> "life science" industry is taking notice.
> They are implementing their public relations carefully
> seeking to have open dialogue with Greenpeace and
> other
> mainstream groups. They are lying through their teeth
> about the nature of the crops being detroyed. Now it
> is the time to rally make our impact felt.
> There has been a "National Day of Action": called by
> above ground groups for the Day of October 27. We are
> making a call to action for all gardeners
> to make your prescence felt. Prior to this point our
> actions have been uncoordinated. Let us take action
> the night of the 27 (or early morning of the 26th) and
> hit them when they are weak.
> There is one thing that corporations always understand
> and that is the bottom line. Destroy their
> crops, equipment, buildings, vehicles and they get the
> point. All of a sudden "venture capatlist" scum
> realize that biotechnology is not such a great
> investment and
> they flee with their bags of cash with them.
> As we have stated before, everything is up for grabs.
> Our view is that if corporations, governemnts and
> Universities have any relationship to biotechnology,
> they are targets. No longer are those hybrids grown
> for genetic fooder safe. Our first choice should be
> genetically engineered crops with active APHIS field
> permits. Secondarily would be targeting
> different departments or researchers that receive
> corporate biotech money (i.e. like our action
> at Berkeley where we tore up crops grown by the
> Novartis grant recipient). We want to stress
> that you do your reearch carefully and hit them where
> they are weakest and where your impact will be most
> felt i.e research facilites, corporate headquarters.
> Time is running out. It's harvest time.
> If not us, who? If not now, when?
> long live the seed
> Johnny Appleseed