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Fri, 15 Oct 1999 08:07:13 EDT

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> I do not call myself a transhumanist. I do not want to live forever, or 

> upload myself into a computer. I have a healthy interest in learning and
> growing and exploring limitations and I admire the transhumanists for
> bold and ever opimistic quest for making this world and the people on it
> expland and become immune to the age old plagues of death, ignorance and
> folly.
> You are assigning evil to good group of folks, without really
> them.
> RP

Remember, the old WHO tune from the early 1970's Retro-fans "Oh the parting on the left, is now parting on the right.." I guess being Extropian of TransH depends on one criteria only and that is what I call The Arc of Technological Capability. What can we do and when? The answer seems to be to the former, Just about Anything; and to the later Hells Own Time. Both enthusiasts in Extropianism and TransH are counting on unparalleled, breakthroughs to alter the human condition for the better.

Maybe...maybe. But what is readilly achievable and/or affordable depends on many, many factors; and that its difficult to predict when a laboratory curiosity will become the next insanely, great thing? I do, however, see that both groups are on the right track , if not precisely on target; never fear, so are the Climatologists, Economists, that inhabit our splend section of the universe.