Re: Feuding on the extropian list...

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:16:53 -0500

Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> At 11:11 AM 10/13/99 -0500, Eliezer wrote:
> >If two of
> >transhumanism's top PR experts wind up refusing never to speak to each
> >other, that's a tragedy.
> I hope you aren't referring to me by this. I am not in the business of PR.
> That's what we play publicists money for.

Sorry, bad phrase. My thought was "interface people", but I didn't know how many readers would pick it up without lurching.

> > If Max More and Greg Burch somehow managed to
> >start fighting on a public email list, I'd wade into that too.
> Not a good analogy, although I realize you are using an extreme. (At least
> I hope you are -:)

Yes, I picked that example exactly because it was never going to happen.

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