Re: A question not just for Natasha and Muse but everyone...

Doug Jones (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 23:27:50 -0700

Carol Tilley wrote:
> > > ...Ive long suspected there are other causes more
> > > important than keyboard use. eh Eliezer? spike
> From: Patrick Wilken
> > ...From this point of view(oh-oh)
> > resting the hands will do nothing to improve
> > things; what is needed is appropriate exercises to
> > remap which fingers go where.
> heehee, yikes! like we thought y'all knew which fingers go where. And
> Eliezer is a RocketMan, too? Who wudda guessed!

Nope, Spike & I are in the rocket biz, Eliezer is a computer geek.

Gives a different meaning to keeping up with the Joneses...

Doug Jones (still with ten fingers after all these years)
Rocket Plumber, Xcor Aerospace