Feuding on the extropian list...

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 20:40:03 PDT

Hello everyone,

I must say I consider Eliezer a brave man for wading into such a conflict and trying to get to the bottom of things for the good of both sides. I found his analysis and final statement very perceptive and wise. Even though there seems to be some bad blood that had been building up that went beyond what at least I have seen over the last two days.

If Natasha and Kathryn were both famous celebrities this could result in a match-up on MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch!" Just think of the weapons and techniques to be used! I think I would rather see a certain pair of male extropians battle it out as clay figures on the show to deal with a neverending debate on gun control issues!

We have discussed on this list the gender/sex role differences society places on men and women so with that in mind I find the conflict and reaction to it fascinating. The desire of the largely male group members seemed very strong in wanting to negotiate a peace for female/female conflict as compared to male/male conflict. I think to the male mindset female conflict is more "unsightly" then when guys lose their tempers over things. Perhaps also societal pressures make women more competitive and more quick to take offense with each other.

Both Natasha and Katherine are very bright and capable individuals and yet still fallible and human as we all are. It is so easy even for mature individuals to take offense where none is meant. We each carry around our lifescripts and perceive the world in our own unique ways.

Natasha has a real sense of history and vision for transhumanism and extropianism having been at the forefront of it for so many years which to me is shown in her initial comment about various groups preparing media materials.

Doug Baily wrote about the scorecard mentality. And yet I think people do deserve to be credited for the ideas and terms they put forward and the work they have done. Though obviously it should be carried out in a mature way.

Natasha is a prominent extropian thinker in her own right which was proved with her book "Create/Uncreate". Everyone on this list should have a copy of it. I definitely do not see her living in her husband's shadow. Perhaps though by some she is thought of as an "extropian sweetheart" along with Gina "Nanogirl" Miller. But we are not a college fraternity!

I suppose where there are powerful personalities, opinions, egos and intellects combined with tired bodies and busy schedules there is bound to be some conflict occasionally. I realize having no conflict is not the answer but perhaps we can learn to be more civil even in regard to our disagreements and personality conflicts. But ultimately things must be dealt with and resolved I realize.


John Grigg

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