Re: Media discussion and disagreements

E. Shaun Russell (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:24:53

Kathryn Aegis wrote:

>I suppose I will have to think about my future participation on
>this list. I have made many new friends over the past month or
>so, and many of you have subscribed to THE TRANSHUMANIST and have
>discussed various topics with me. Please write to me by private
>email and render your opinion on this, because I'm at a complete
>loss here.

This list has always been, and always should be about the rational discussion of extropic topics...not discussions about friends and enemies. Logically, every list member has slightly (and sometimes vastly) different views on certain subjects, and should post accordingly. However, the catalysts are rationalism, respect and pertinency...not friendship and niceties --I'm sure there are many other lists which place those values as primarily important.

Just for the record, I for one, have not seen anything recently which even remotely resembles animosity...I just see differences in objectives.

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