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Mon, 11 Oct 1999 23:29:40 +0200

From: Anders Sandberg <>

>> Well it's running it' second season here in Denmark. It's called "The
>> Robinson Ekspedition", and it is very Non-Transhuman.

>I completely agree (do you get the Swedish Expedition Robinson, or are
>you plagued by your own?).

Well we got our very own version with bikers and aerobic instructors being propelled into stardom.

>It would be fun with a transhumanist version of it....Snip
>But somehow I think we will see more of Robinson instead (and
>derivatives of all its descendants, Villa Medusa, Ökenguldet and so

Actually "Fangerne På Fortet" (The Captives On The Fortess) is pretty ok in that regard promoting cooperation and combinations of team and individual achievemnt leading the team to victory. It ha just been running way to long now.

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