Re: What if Solipsistic Morality was Normal?
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 03:51:27 EDT

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[in case of reversion to initial system conditions... complex systems self-organize from the situations you described and i snipped]

 > You would immediately become aware that, under

> these circumstances, many people would subscribe
> to your Moral System. You would confront a terrifying
> Hobbesian nightmare where, to your paralyzing dismay,
> you were the prey in the middle of a circle of relentlessly
> advancing human predators, whose prior socialization
> enabled them to see the advantage, as wild dogs do,
> of hunting in packs.

is not this advantage intuitively obvious? how is this something unexpected? tribalism is part of our hardwiring, not to mention that it gives very real surivival advantages. altruism is selfish, etc...

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