Re Extropian Party Platform

Brian D Williams (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:35:02 -0700 (PDT)

From: "D.den Otter" <>

>Self-defense/mental empowerment classes for everyone, from
>a very early age (so that by the time you graduate, you're
>practically a Jedi Master). Teach responsible use of firearms
>as well as martial arts.

I vote yes to self defense/mental empowerment, martial arts, wait on firearms training, although I believe an armed citizen is a free citizen.

>Proper, hands-on sex education.

Hands? what about -oh never mind.....

>Gender stereotypes should be avoided as much as possible;
>the aim is to create a more androgyne society.

I vote Yes to no gender stereotypes, no to androgyne.

>> A Manned/Womaned landing on Mars by 2010.

>Self-sustained colonies on the Moon, Mars and/or
>in "free space" by 2020-30.

Mars First, moon to follow, see "Entering Space" by Robert Zubrin.

>Increase funding for nanotech, genetic engineering
>and other (potentially) transhuman technologies.

Vote no, Private enterprise

>Manhattan project for human uploading.

Vote no, PE

>Intelligence augmentation & life extension to become
>national priorities.

Yes to IA and LE, no to national priority, PE.

>Cryonics to receive X billion research bud
>get and full legal status (recognized as a potentially life-saving
>procedure, so no more autopsies, delays in hospitals
>or other bureaucratic, deathist nonsense).

Yes to legal reform, no to funding.

>Automate the legal system & prisons as much as possible.
>No more physical contact between inmates, only minimal
>and heavily supervised contact between inmates and guards.
>Standard senstences, no juries, binding precedent, no public
>trials etc. (see previous posts on this topic).

Vote no.

>Legalize all victimless crime.

Vote yes.

>Get tough on real crime (an eye for an eye).

Get tough yes, death penalty yes, eye for an eye no.

>Curb unwanted (illegal) immigration, while attracting people
>who are willing and able to contribute to the economy, and
>don't cause trouble.

Elitist, vote no.

>Abolition of work through extensive automation. The aim is
>to have generous standard welfare for everyone, while those
>who want more can have their own (liberal) sub-economy.

>Taxes are gradually abolished as level of automation increases.
>State plays (responsible) pimp and dope dealer (etc.) to
>partially finance the transition from wage slave society to
>automated welfare society.

Discredited, vote no.

>Free, high-quality healthcare for everyone through automation
>and economies of scale.

TANTAAFL, vote no.

>Make tiered voting system; the more tax you pay (or in some
>other way contribute to society), the more voting points you
>get. Actually you'd want to create a kind of meritocracy/
>technocracy. The right to vote is something that has to be
>earned, just like a driver's license.

One person, one vote, corporations are not people. Vote no.

Thanks for your excellent imput.


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