Re: Extropian Party Platform

Bryan Moss (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:05:08 +0100

D. den Otter wrote:

> Teach rationalism in school (arguments against religion
> etc. should be mandatory classes). If parents try to
> sabotage this, they should receive a stern warning, after
> which their ass would be kicked with appropriate force.

How about we create a Rationalism Bus. We'll drive it down to Kansas, drag some kids off the streets, give then a ten minute intensive course in evolution, and then let them go. (Memory transfer tech would make this a lot easier.)

> Make tiered voting system; the more tax you pay (or in
> some other way contribute to society), the more voting
> points you get. Actually you'd want to create a kind of
> meritocracy/technocracy. The right to vote is something
> that has to be earned, just like a driver's license.

You're getting close to anarcho-capitalism.