Re: MED/NEURO: Human trials of spinal nerve regeneration in ~1 year?

J. R. Molloy (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 08:33:48 -0700

From: Brian Manning Delaney <>
>> Too bad the FDA will probably ditch the
>> project in the US.
>Eh? Why would the FDA ditch the project? Anti-Semitism?
>(Proneuron is Israeli.) That don't make no sense. The FDA itself
>is run by Jews (since it's part of Z.O.G., Zionist Occupation
>Government), and is integral in Jewish attempts to increase the
>power of the UN, which will soon allow Jewish-run businesses
>greater access to foreign markets, Christian babies, etc., etc.,

FDA suspends gene therapy studies

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government has ordered Schering-Plough Corp. to temporarily halt two gene therapy studies because the research is designed similarly to a Pennsylvania experiment in which a teen-ager died last month. No one yet knows what killed Jesse Gelsinger, 18, of Tucson, Ariz. Just four days before his death, University of Pennsylvania scientists had placed healthy genes in his liver to combat a rare metabolic disease. Penn's study has been halted while scientists there, along with federal regulators, try to determine what went wrong. The Food and Drug Administration decision late Friday halts two separate experiments by Schering-Plough to try gene therapy as a treatment for liver cancer and for colorectal cancer that spreads to the liver.