Re: Barking mad rules, ok

Brian D Williams (
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 07:29:29 -0700 (PDT)

From: Damien Broderick <>

>Additional recordings take place in our genes, in the cells of our
>body. The DNA, that twisted ladder, is a molecule which is a
>transmitter and receiver of wavelengths; this has already been
>proven scientifically. In its structure, the DNA-molecule can
>simply be compared to the ferrite antenna of a radio.
>In other words, the gene is not only a precisely and finely
>constructed material structure with a specific function, but this
>molecule can also receive and emit vibrations. This means that it
>sends and receives, each time on its own particular frequency.
>This antenna, the gene, is not only capable of receiving spiritual
>and mental impulses, but also all types of radiations from the
>cosmos which have an effect on the person, that is, radiations
>from the stars as well as planets and radiations originating here
>on earth.

>Since each gene is a transmitter and receiver, this makes the
>entire person a transmitter and, at the same time, a receiver
>tuned to very specific frequencies by way of his programs.

I was kicked back on Sunday in a big comfy chair with my copy of "The Molecular Biology Of The Cell", and flipping through T.V. channels when I came across a religious program doing a similiar thing.

This T.V evangelist was giving a credible explanation of some immune system functions, but then turned it: "How is it possible that this wonderfully complex system evolved from nothing?" The answer he said was that it could not.

This is a new and potentially dangerous thing......These people are capitalizing on peoples ignorance of basic science (like they haven't been doing that for years) and supplying their own explanation/opinion for the facts. We've seen this recently in the anti-evolutionist stance in Kansas, where people confidently remark that the evidence for evolution is wishy-washy at best, when the exact opposite is the truth.

We have to counteract this pseudoscientific masturbation


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