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Fred C. Moulton (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 21:46:21 -0700

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>Think Tank time:
>The Extropian Party Platform,

Are you seriously suggesting a political party called the Extropian Party? I assure you that if The Extropy Institute ever sponsored a political party or
allowed the term Extropian to be used as the name for a political party I would
drop my membership in the Extropy Institute immediately and I am very confident that I would not be the only one.

I would expect to see a beer chugging team sponsored by the Temperance Union at about the same time as I would expect to see a political party sponsored by the Extropy Institute.


>phil 'n' the blanks
>NELAP, the national education laptop.
>The stated goal is to put a laptop in the hands of every school
>child through K-12.
>My idea is to have it as a design competition, with a multibillion
>dollar first prize... get those juices flowing....
>A Manned/Womaned landing on Mars by 2010.
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