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James Rogers (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:28:05 -0700

At 02:21 PM 10/8/99 -0400, David Lubkin wrote:
>But I was intrigued to read that (some? many? all?) Native American men are
>disinterested in nude photographs, and don't understand the interest other
>men have in them. They describe looking at pictures of women as being as
>pointless as looking at pictures of food when you are hungry.

I actually hold a similar opinion with respect to pornography in general. I am not into spectator sports as I consider them to be such a pale shade of participation that it is usually not worth the time spent. In a more general sense, I've never been interested in living any part of my life in a third person role. Considering the fact that one could experience the much, much richer first person experience with roughly the same investment in time, I personally do not understand the fascination with nude photographs either.

Of course, there are some things for which it is simply not possible for me to participate in a first person role, but I find that I have a hard time maintaining interest in experiences that (for now) cannot be had within my personal realm of experience.


-James Rogers