Re: Extropian Party Platform

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:42:40 MDT

>Make tiered voting system; the more tax you pay (or in some
>other way contribute to society), the more voting points you
>get. Actually you'd want to create a kind of meritocracy/
>technocracy. The right to vote is something that has to be
>earned, just like a driver's license.

I agree with the jiff of what you say up until this point. Agreed, voting should be earned, but I disagree with how much you contribute to society. The goal is to balance power and this definately is not the way to do that. If voting is the way we want to go then have a test everyone must pass in order to vote. A test to see how well you rationalize.

Though I see voting by action giving people a stronger and more flexable voice than voting by show of hands. See my previous post on this.

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