Re: Re Reforming education

Clint O'Dell (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 14:05:13 MDT

>This puts the onus on the teachers, instead of the students where
>it belongs, besides it won't work, the bell curve remember....
>teachers will have some students at both ends of the spectrum, with
>most in the middle. Teachers will also "teach to the test", also a
>bad idea. White upper class suburban schools will do better on
>average (as they do now) and teachers will refuse to work in
>schools they know to be bad....

Those schools shouldn't even exist they should be shut down.

>Maybe hyperlearning is the answer, instead of grades, you identify
>reading level, lower level students receive extra classes, which
>means they have to stay in school longer, so they're motivated to
>learn. At the lowest levels, require the parents to come in for
>weekend classes with the kids..... The idea being to raise all
>students to a specific proficiency level.

I have been telling people that for years. Why give a retarded person with a third grade reading level a high school diploma. It just makes the diploma a worthless piece of paper.

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