Re: Reforming Education

Clint O'Dell (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 16:06:53 MDT

>The Standard Diagnostic Nomenclature of the American Psychiatric
>Association includes in its description of "sociopathy" "the inability to
>experience shame or guilt" and "the absence of internalized ethical or
>moral standards of conduct", i.e. conscience, and in general "displays an
>amorphous hostile disregard of society".

"No one can criticize the Freudian theory unless he has been psychoanalyzed, for opposition to the theory is normally caused by unconscious resistance, arising from the Oedipal complex, which distorts one's thinking.", American Psychiatric Association

Don't you just love the way the psychiatric community try to control people the way Christians do? With distortians.

"the absence of internalized ethical or moral standards of conduct." What organization decides the standards? The society mentioned above? I rest my case.

>So I use the term WITH reference to its MEANING; my opinions
>have nothing at all to do with. This is not to assert that
>"sociopaths" are "bad"; it is to say they have a personality

A disorder? A disagreement with the society is not a mental illness [disorder]. For those reading this post, its an excellent example of modern power struggle for a new group. Instead of Christianity we have the American Psychiatric Association and other such institutions.

>Are you really that uncomfortable with the idea devoting your life,
>even sacrificing it if necessary, to an Ideal or Purpose whose value
>and importance vastly exceed your own?

There is no ideal or purpose that exceeds my own. And everyone else should feel the same for its important in balancing power.

>I'm suggesting it works for everybody. For example, devoted
>Extropians are working hard not just for themselves but for
>all "incarnations" of Reason (c.f. the Greek "logos" which was
>interpreted by John and to some extent Plotinus as denoting
>"The Word" but in fact means "pattern", "order" and "Reason"
>or "ratio" in Latin). As a future-oriented group of people, they
>know that the possibility of incompletion of the program within
>their own lifetimes is very real--but that does not deter them
>from "serving the cause". Perhaps I ought to say that I assume
>so, because I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

My view of extropians is a very selfish one for desiring immortality is in itself selfish. Extropians realize they will best get their by helping each other to obtain a goal each person desires. I would not believe any extropian would rather have another exceed and not him/her self. But again I don't speak for the group, just myself.

> "...who have not emotionally developed beyond that
> phase which Sigmund Freud called "Primary Narcissm",
> the earliest state except for "Oceanic Feelings of
> Omnipotence" which precedes it."

This idea is nieve. Freud and others are trying to percuade the community that a certain emotional personality state is desirable and those who disagree have not matured (young, haven't evolved, not as 'advanced' as the rest, etc. Freud is trying to control the community by force with psychology as his weapon so that he may obtain his idea of perfect community. He is acting on the selfish interest he opposis when he says Primary Narcissm.

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