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> Its about marooning 16 people on a deserted island, you get
> to play survival and the people who aren't playing well get
> self-voted off the island... The prize: $1 million!

Well it's running it' second season here in Denmark. It's called "The Robinson Ekspedition", and it is very Non-Transhuman.

A bunch of (hungry) people living together on a "deserted" island, wearing boxershorts and bikinies, where the north team and the south team fights for small avard (Like 5 live chickens to eat). And in the end of each episode they have to vote home one of their teammates.

Usually the ones who gets voted home are the best ones, because of the percieved threat that they are to their teammates.

I find that the show has a loose-loose attitude the whole way thru. It doesn't promote survival of the fittest. It doesn't promote coorperation and it doesn't promote win-win scenarioes. There is only one winner.

It seems to me like a charicature of a very bad workplace, with all the envy, in-fighting and competition that can go on there.

Most people actually do believe that what the producers has chosen to show is reality and that people where like that on the island. Naturally that is bull. There are not 16 24-7 camera teams on the island, only 2-3 teams as far as I can tell, and when they edit together the program (AFTER the winner has been chosen) they naturally gives the contestants "roles" to play and they edit the show so they wil fit those roles.

It is a tremendous succes though, and has had profound effects on the lifes of the participants. Some has started their own television shows, others have become hate objects with websites dedicated to dissing them.

If you like the "Real Life" kind of tv-shows then you might also like this one. I must say though that I loathe everything it stands for. It speaks to the lowest comon denominator in people without even the humor of a Jerry Springer show.

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