Re: >H MEDIA: "Transhumanist Media & PR Binder"

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 09 Oct 1999 18:52:54 -0700

At 06:48 PM 10/9/99, you wrote:

>Actually, I just realized that we may be talking about two different things--
>a press kit and a media reference binder.

I have been referring to the Transhumanist Media & PR Binder which is already in existence. On a separate note, my own material which I use for interviews is my personal press kit.

>With regard to a media reference binder, which I did mention in the paper,
>that is a binder of materials to keep handy for quick reference.

The Binder that I am referring is a compilation of material by a number of people and quite helpful.

As I said earlier, the more work done in this area the better and the fact that you are now putting together media material cannot discount earlier materials put together by people who have been doing this for years. Also, the fact that we have been doing this for years does not discount the work of your or other people who are putting media materials and press kits together. It really is not an issue.

Since you are sending this post to the extropian list, ExI and some press-savvy extropains have a *lot* of Media material! As I understand it, Nick (WTA) and Max have been in contact about collaborative efforts.