Re: Extropianism certainly does have a history already!

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 09 Oct 1999 09:02:15 -0700

At 04:41 PM 10/8/99 PDT, John wrote:

>I was very surprised to see Eliezer say "what history?" And then Anders
>reply "it hasn't begun yet". While certainly extropianism has not yet found
>its place in the annals of history and still has much to do there can be no
>doubt that it does have a history.

This is quite true.

>Natasha Vita-More's book "Create/Uncreate" discusses the history of
>transhumanism and extropianism (snip)

My book is _Create/Recreate: The 34rd Millennial Culture_ and it is the second edition, and now has more essays and less images. I spent one year working on various essays, several of which pertain to transhumanist culture.

While my Transhuman Timeline pertains to events which were precursors to our transhumanity, it along with my chapter "Transhuman History" is quite pertinent and I suggest that you all buy a copy and read it.

Transhumanism and extropian transhumanism do have a history and that history is still being written.


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