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TO: Members     The Website associated with this newsletter is a valuable
                       resource for those interested in the history and current
                       activity of the nuclear weapons establishment.    [RMO]

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> Web Site Update
> Thought I would let everyone know about some upcoming additions to the
> web site. In the next week or so, a new interactive Shockwave movie will
> be added to allow you to explore various nuclear weapon accidents.
> We have also added a special section on the recent nuclear plant accident
> in Japan. We have posted some information on the effects of radiation on
> the human body and the nuclear fuel cycle. Look for a section on nuclear
> power in the next month.
> If you go browsing through the Documents section, you find several new
> texts, including some from former Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara.
> We are also working on an image browser of nuclear tests (including the
> now removed Los Alamos collection). We will be sending you a special url
> to try it out and give us feedback. Contact Us at info@atomicarchive.com

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