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Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Chuck Kuecker writes:
> > >Thomas Hobbes' statement "Homini lupus lupi" ["Man is a wolf to man"]
> > Isn't it 'Man is a wolf to wolves'??
> Homo hominis lupus [est].


Yes, but... In case you did not receive my reply to Chuck "To: Chuck Re: Making people passive NOT!" I will repeat it here:



There is some justifiable doubt about what Hobbes actually meant to say in Latin, but surely not "Man is a wolf to wolves." These are the standard Latin and English expressions, but the Latin has evidently been corrupted. I suppose I should have used the following English statement to illustrate my point:

                   "Human life in a state of nature (apart
                   from or before the institution of the
                   civil state) is a war of all against all."

It was in this same discussion of the "Social Contract" that he gave the famous description of human life apart from civilization as "nasty, brutish and short". These two statements are unequivocal.

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