Re: Making people passive NOT!

Cynthia (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 16:42:28 -0700

Gina Miller wrote:

> >I do have one rather practical idea. Do something to temporarily disable
> their legs,
> >so that they will be confined to a wheel chair until they are 30. This
> would be much
> >cheaper and less damaging to them, then sending them to prison. They would
> still be
> >in society, but unable to do very much damage to other people.
> In Islam people get hands choped off for stealing, but here in America we
> have a constitution that state's it is illegal to conduct "Cruel and unusual
> punishment." (Disclaimer here-that I am not expressing 100% support for all
> American guidelines- but can at least feel safe knowing that in a wrongful
> or alleged crime, one may perhaps complete undeserved time, and not be
> maimed for life.) Another point, criminals do come in many forms, (including
> wheelchairs).
> Nanogirl
> (The girl who was in a wheelchair last year)

Do you think that spending a year in a wheelchair is more cruel than being locked in a cage for a year?