Extropy for Boys

J. R. Molloy (jr@shasta.com)
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 13:49:54 -0700

From: http://www.malepsych.com/

Angry Young Men is an extremely important book that is especially timely now, during our current epidemic of violence by and against boys and young men. But it also expresses insights that I believe will continue to be valid and important for as far into the future as we can now see. For Aaron Kipnis has seen deeply not only into troubled boys and adolescents but also into those aspects of the spirit of our culture and our epoch that have turned an unprecedentedly large proportion of our boys and young men into the perpetrators and victims of violence.

More American boys are killing themselves and each other today, and being killed by other children and adults than at any other time in this century and than in any other developed nation on earth. It is vital to the future of our society and our world that we learn what we adults are doing wrong, both individually and as a society, in the ways that we raise our boys and relate to each other and what we can do to correct our mistakes. Reading _Angry Young Men_ would be a very helpful place to begin in the effort to find answers to those questions. It is a wonderful book and a major accomplishment, which I hope, will find its way into as many hands as possible.