Re: Reforming Education

Clint O'Dell (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 14:03:25 MDT

>If we get rid of state mandated schools, we need a safety net to catch
>those who can't get into private schools for whatever reason, or we risk
>losing many bright young people while we sort out the wreckage..

Donated Funds. The children who's parents can't afford to send them to school could work it off in the kitchen, hallways, as teacher's aids, etc...

I don't want to see the government get involved for several reasons. Manly because I'm against the government telling me I have to pay taxes so they can support causes I don't believe in. while I'm on the subject I might as well bring it up, even though it doesn't relate to school education. (This isn't directed to anyone in particular, this is directed to the population as a whole)

Instead of being taxed for programs like welfare we should be given options to donate. Those who believe in welfare can donate and those who don't won't. This brings up the argument that nobody would donate. There are two very good come backs for this.
1)People will because people already do. Also because they aren't forced to pay taxes any more they have more money and can afford to donate. 2)If nobody donates then it's clear that the people don't want a welfare. The best way to run a country is to let the people do it themselves. Democracy by representation is not Democracy. Democracy by action is true Democracy. If you don't like working in a smoking bar then don't. If you don't like drinking in a smoking bar then open your own bar that doesn't allow smoking. I'm sick and tired of people trying to tell me what I can and cannot do because they don't like it. Who are they to tell me what's best? My point is don't force people to do things your way, find other ways to do things.

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