Re: Making people passive NOT!

Cynthia (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 09:57:54 -0700

David Lubkin wrote:

> Cynthia wrote:
> >And who can object to making people smarter???
> I can. If you can deal with the psychological pathologies at the same time,
> fine. But I don't want a smarter violent psychopath.

Of course. I was proposing to increase their mental capabilities to the point where they had the ability to sympathize with others. This would have the side effect of increasing their IQ. This is much better than getting rid of all their violent tendencies and making sheep out of them. In order to be a normal human being, some violent tendencies are required.

> Are they amoral? Are they indifferent or blind to other people's feelings?
> Do they derive pleasure from causing pain? Are they dramatically
> self-destructive? There are all sorts of pathologies I'd rather not have walking
> the streets.

Exactly, we need to get rid of these mental deficiencies.

> Are there any current or imminent techniques or technologies for treating them
> that come anywhere near passing conventional scientific standards (like
> double-blind studies) other than drugging them into a continual stupor?

Most of these types of people manage to get their act together in their 30's. Pointing to the idea that these people are simply slow to mature.

I do have one rather practical idea. Do something to temporarily disable their legs, so that they will be confined to a wheel chair until they are 30. This would be much cheaper and less damaging to them, then sending them to prison. They would still be in society, but unable to do very much damage to other people.