Re: Reforming Education

Cynthia (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 19:40:49 -0700

Chuck Kuecker wrote:

> What do you do in the case of parents who cannot afford to pay tuition?
> Private charities? Scholarships? It would be a real shame to lose good
> minds simply because their parents are not successful. This is one reason
> we have mandatory schooling.

The fact that the government has been paying for education, has stopped the free enterprise systems from finding cheaper and better way of educating people. People are educated basically the same way they were a 100 years ago. I.E. the teacher imparts most of the information to the students verbally.

But the world has changed. Books used to be more expensive, and buildings and teacher time where much less valuable. Now books and computers are cheap, and buildings and teacher time are very expensive.

It is time for radical changes in education, and many of those changes will make education cheaper.