Re: Bioplague [was Re: Son of Star Wars]

Carol Tilley (
Wed, 6 Oct 1999 16:29:14 -0700

> David Lubkin wrote:
> > What scares me is biological warfare.
> > ...Find or engineer a biological agent that has a very high mortality
> > rate and a fairly long incubation period. Spread it through airports or
> > (inter)national events...

"Bob" aka *Robert* wrote:
> ...So, I think these are tough nuts to crack using "dumb"
> bacteria or even dumber viruses...

> In the long run however these developments are things we do need
> to think about (if you look at moves by the U.S. government
> they suggest they are aware of your scenario to some degree but
> aren't talking about it).

Bio Warfare is of course an ongoing concern. See the following url for training a rapid response team via VR for such an occurrence. A couple of related links are included there for "Defeating Biological Warfare" and "Sniffing Out Bio Weapons."

And then, if Bio Warfare is considered a high risk or high priority item to your personal organism integrity, you might consider a one-piece positive pressure personnel suit. Or maybe a laminar flow home with the appropriate HEPA filtration system in place. Ahhh, but then we'd be talking biocontainment...and your real goal is bioexclusion, isn't it? <g>

C. Tilley