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> There is no opposition to these anti-science groups that is nearly as well
> organized and, at least so far, nearly as articulate and effective.


> The forces of enlightened scientific and technological progress MUST
> more effective in communicating their message or, I believe, the luddites
> will succeed in significantly slowing the pace of that progress. Investors
> will not be willing to risk funds to support advanced biological research
> they fear that laws banning the development of the fruits of that research
> into valuable products will be passed. This is EXACTLY the result that
> organized antitechnology movement desires.

It's amazing that you should bring this up at this particular time. That is precisely one of the reasons that the NeoSapiens Combine is being formed, and indeed we hope to receive a good amount of our initial funding from industry groups. By acting as a general advocacy group for technology in the public arena (we had not considered the comparison with Greenpeace, but it's a good one and something I think we could use, if you don't mind), we hope to make advanced technologies more accepted in society.

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