Re: META: barfsome terminology

Damien Broderick (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 12:27:36 +0000

At 07:13 AM 5/10/99 EDT, Greg Burch wrote:

>Thanks, Damien, for treating me with a dose of my own medicine.

It only tastes nasty for a moment while you swallow it. :)

>(For the record, this is the first time anyone has leveled the term
>"barfsome" at anything I've written . . . a personal milestone of sorts.)

At what you wrote but, of course, as I was careful to point out, not at you or Robin personally.

The first time I encountered this human body = meat (outside of the classic Eucharistic context, which would presumably turn a few righteous Christian stomachs if they ever thought for a moment about what they were saying) was in L. Ron Hubbard's $cientology rantings. (Get thee behind me, Thetan!) A good reason just by itself to avoid the usage.

Damien Broderick