This is for the dreamers.

Dope Fiend (
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 20:39:00 0100

Hey you.. yes I'm talking to you!

With the advent of fully tactile, fully enveloping virtual realities it would seem that you and I are approaching a unification... Not a unification in the physical sense, but a unification of our conscious perspective as beings on this here blue sphere.

For several millenia, our existence has revolved around our divisions. These being physical, financial, social - limiting what we could do, be, experience. Throughout history these divisions have had us fighting ourselves, loving ourselves, helping ourselves, hurting ourselves. But now, as we near the end -- we go inward, to a new space, a space where all experiences can be had.

A catalogue of experiences available to not only those who wear the right badge, but to every conscious entity. And what happens when every being can be every thing? Well, you finally find your self. Don't you see?

I am you... and you are me.

Ok, so I thought of this whilst on a DXM binge (better serotonin through science!) and watching that new NIN video - everybody is dressed the same and they are running together, and then... and then everybody disappears and there is only one person left!