Re: CRYO: Reanimation options

Robin Hanson (
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 10:13:25 -0400

Glen Finney wrote:
><< I think the life of an upload will be far more alien that city life
> was long ago for country bumpkins. For perhaps a long time, there will
> be no upload children, and the modeling of all the ways in which
> our bodies influence our minds will be crude and wanting. It will be
> like living on the edge of insanity in many ways. >>
> I think the key here is to provide a new upload with the same quality of
>sensory input as they had as a biological, and with access to cherished
>environments (or near-emulation quality simulations of them. ... do you a
>world of good to have an android body that your lover would find just as
>or more attractive to interact with as your previous biological body was.
>... Sorta like moving to the suburbs before get an apartment in Manhattan.

But of course we had cities for many centuries before we had suburbs. If you want to wait in the country until they make cities as comfortable and green as the country, that's your choice, but don't be surprised if it is others who have become rich creating those cities. Making an android body as good as protein bodies is *quite* a challenge.

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