Re: A question not just for Natasha and Muse but everyone...
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 05:37:41 EDT

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> Maybe nan will make it possibel to just program your hair and makeup, and
> with nodes we can plug in a play sax overnight and retro will become a
> reality!
> ( like in The Mask, you put on the thing and your cool)

Maybe the next logical step would be not how stylish you are - everybody is stylish thanks to downloadable skills and appearance - but which style you have, how well it interacts with the other styles around you and your circumstances. In short, meta-style. >>

Meta-style....yeah, I like that, I like that a lot. You might use your personal style as your base, and then adapt from there to integrate with the styles in the social situation. It would be a merging of styles, creating something new, yet organic. That might indeed be fun. I would still want to on occasion try complete immersion in the style of others, and probably would often touch base with my own concept of style, immersing myself in the environment I consider most me (or most in keeping with my mood). But meta-style would be where we all meet and learn from one another.

Glen Finney