Re: Why read philosophy?

Chris Fedeli (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 23:37:59 -0400

David Lubkin wrote:

> I'd like to understand why you read and discuss philosophy, and what > you'd recommend I read as a seductive introduction.

Check out "Sophie's World", by Jostein Gardner. 'Seductive' accurately describes this novel. It almost makes you forget that you're getting an introduction to the history of western philosophy while you follow the plot.

I read and discuss philosopy out of a complusion that began at age six, when it first occured to me that I had no way of really knowing what happens to the world when I close my eyes. Does it all just disappear when I'm not looking? Is everyone around me and all the scenery just an elaborate show put on for my benefit? and *How do I know?*

I got older and broadened my focus to include other questions, but I think it starts out that way for a lot of people.