Notes from the Earthbound
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 17:07:19 EDT

Last year there was a petty, immature battle going on -- about a topic: boring to some, if not all. Today it is called "violence" last year it was called "gun control." It is not a new topic on this forum.. It revolves around. um ... how can I put this delicately? ... Eh ... some guy with a low impulse control ... and ... um... a rampant member of the NRA ... on whether or not gun control is a constitutional violation.

An emotional topic on many different levels. Both of them raised good points. However, it got ugly. And the two posters posted *way* too many times a day, usually short, profane insults ping-ponged by ego-bashing 'egging ons'. Back and Forth it slung...

Instead of the list arbitrator brandishing warnings (that I know about) or filtering (by banning) the individuals who perpetuated this emotionally odd behavior, or allowing the list members to come down hard on those two individuals themselves, Greg Burch and/or Eugene Leitel were called upon to stop it (by banning) -- the topic of guns.

I left the list, saying I would not be a part of any list that censored. I received a post from one key person who seemed concerned about this accusation, implying that I was accusing the list of illegal censorship, and asking me if I was going to call the police, but that wasn't my point .. nothing wrong with list policies.. free to do what you will with your own list... just see ya later alligater...

What I *do* believe is that reasonable discourse about any topic is appropriate among people who carry a "limitless" philosophy, for one cannot know *where* inspiration comes from and must allow one's self to see all things -- & -- it is behavior (not topics) -- that must be censored.

It's stylistic.

Dealing with it otherwise is sideways, not to the point, and ineffective. A cop out.

upon my return, i see, that not only was my choice correct, still is, but also that it was *indeed* highly ineffective to ban by topic.... The subject line 'guns' has now been changed to 'violence,' but the list behavior continues.... sigh...

Anyone here ever watch "Get a Life'? ; )

Go with Love,
(ps i am not on the list so will not see any responses until the archives are posted)