Re: Multiple realities and borganism
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 13:35:44 EDT

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> For example, I could see our borganism interpreting differences in
> personality between the C-unit and P-unit as how it feels in different
> situations (yah know, I'm much more artistic in c-space than in p-space,
> I like having a custom body out here in p-space all to myself, helps with
> current experiments, though I do most of the modeling in c-space). What
> would be the advantages and disadvantages to trying for the best of all
> worlds?
> Glen Finney
> A Borganism of One<g>
Mathematician Rudy Rucker touches on this with his novella Boppers. This is where humanity splits off into uneasily co-existing, species. It ends up with the dis-affected artificials, taking over a lunar manufacturing colony for their own. They also are able to 'download' their machine intelligences into in-vitro grown human bodies, so as to better experiece the universe. There are also humans who want to be cyborgs and so on.