Re: camera tech for crime prevention
Mon, 4 Oct 1999 00:42:29 EDT

Phil Osborn wrote:

<< My chief concern, however, as a motorcycle rider is that very few of the
lights respond to my 630 pound bike. Thus, I am forced to run red lights or turn signals every day, or spend excessive time waiting for a car to trigger the light. A local bike shop owner was actually cited for this a few years ago and discovered that the law in CA actually takes this into account. If the light doesn't respond, then you have the right to proceed with caution, under CA's "reasonable person" basic driving law. >>

Hmmm, maybe if we could add a basic pattern recognition program to the video cameras at the stop signals that could recognize a motorcycle and hook it to the light so it would trigger a change of the signal light, then we might change what is currently an adverse technology for motorcyclists into an asset for them. Of course, they could instead try and adjust the detectors for lighter loads, but it might be cheaper and easier to use the video instead of tearing up the intersections.

Just a Thought,

Glen Finney