Re: CORRECTION: Re: Camera tech crime prevention

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 02 Oct 1999 14:17:44 -0400

den Otter wrote:
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> > From: Michael S. Lorrey <>
> > > I'm glad that the surveillance meme is finally
> > > catching on; it's a relatively simple and extropic way to "make the
> > > world a better place".
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> > I for one think its not an extropic way. It is a transhumanist way. The
> > difference being that this is more of a borganistic idea than an
> > extropian one.
> Hmm, even if it [the surveillance] is private and distributed?
> Surely that could count as an expression of spontaneous
> order?

I don't care if half of the population is made up of busybody tattletales who think this is a good thing. Tell me, how many of you people actually care for the busybody tattltales you've met in your life? None? Well, what you are talking about is making everybody hate everybody, everybody afraid of everybody. Contrary to earlier comments from Spike and den, it won't only be criminals who will be afraid of observation, it will also be people trying to get out of bad relationships being observed on by their tormentors, adding fuel to the fire, and will likely increase domestic violence. It will also be employees trying to go to interviews at potential new jobs, and having their current employer observe this, which will obviously make the situation difficult for those with abusive or overbearing 'empire builder' type bosses.

Also, there will also be the current pariah of the moment, you know, those people that the public opinion and media hysteria sensationalizes a fury of public hate for. If you think the system will not be abused by people seeking to spy on and persecute the public pariah of the moment, you are kidding yourself.

Mike Lorrey