Re: camera tech for crime prevention

Julian Assange (
Sun, 3 Oct 1999 01:38:25 +1000 (EST)

> > > spike: NO FEAR. Popular catch phrase
> > > today. If you are not committing crimes, then no fear. You *want*
> > > face rec instruments everywhere.
> >
> > Fuck that. You're insane. Face rec, in and of itself as a technology
> > is one thing -- putting that technology to use is another.
> >
> > Cameras are all over the place, some of them watch the streets. What
> > would stop John Q. Officer from watching me walk along the street,
> > match my face, and just pull up my file for the hell of it? Nothing.
> Nothing. But with these cameras, why would cops need to be
> on the street? They could work in offices like the rest of us,
> going out only to apprehend perps. They will have plenty to
> do without taking the time to hassle the rest of us. spike

Power currupts, and absolute power currupts absolutely. In this case the "plenty to do" will be abusing that power.