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<< Try Daniel C. Dennett's "Consciousness Explained". Dennett is a beautiful writer and he says something interesting on almost every page.

Dennet *is* a great writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Don't miss Daniel Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Ideas -- He is thoroughly convincing while you are immersed in his books, but it isn't until afterwards that you go "hey, wait a sec!"
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I *adore* Daniel Dennett but he has this bizarre idea: ... that dogs don't have 'feelings' -- woah... woah... wait a sec...

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another strange and interesting bedside companion on human consciousness is anything by Oliver Saks. Try 'Anthropologist on Mars'... he investigates strange neurological conditions.
And when you've entertained yourself enough with Dennet and Saks, read some Paul Churchland!!!!!!!!
hee hee have fun