Re: Should we be developing nonlethal means of
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 05:46:08 EDT


Sorry, little confused about your post. Although this subject developed from one which was about the gun issue, I would say that we are currently focused on the feasability of providing a nonlethal means of protection from violence. Granted, this is related to the gun issue as a nonlethal weapon may prove a good alternative to firearms or have to be able to subdue an aggressor armed with guns, I would say it is applicable to all forms of threatened violence. While I appreciate that many people are tired of the gun debate, the idea of providing nonlethal weapons for personal protection is one that I find important, and I have gotten a lot of good feedback from people here on the list, which I'm not sure I would have received elsewhere. If after further consideration, you still are unhappy with this subject, I would hope you could simply choose not to read those messages posted under this subject heading (though of course it would sadden me to lose your possible future participation should a point come up you might want to contribute to).

Thanks for your time,

Glen Finney