Re: A question not just for Natasha and Muse but everyone...
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 03:58:00 EDT

< "john grigg" <> writes:

> And let's say you were reanimated after a long cryonic sleep in the early
> 22nd century only to learn the investments you owned while in storage had
> made you very rich! With the incredible technologies(and changed social
> mores) available then how would you create your dream club?? >>

Strangely enough, I'd go retro. I'd like something that had sort of a noir feel to it, cool and deadly, but that could break out into a driving beat at any minute. I like the idea of dressing to the nines, tuxes and dinner jackets, flowing dresses daringly cut. Enough tables to actually sit if you want to, but a live band swinging so hard you're not gonna want to. Large dance floor. People actually dancing with each other instead of in their own world. Music that makes you feel and feel hard; has you crying one minute and grinning the next. A bar where the drinking is done for the art of it, and not to see who can reach oblivion faster. Some quiet nooks off to the side, where you can get to talk and otherwise get to know people. One modern touch I would like is to build in some Instant Messenger, RTC system, so you can more efficiently find like-minded people in the crowd, but on an intranet. I think I'd want to keep out the rest of the world, make this club a special place, a reserved place. When you're there you're really there, and when you're not you'll just have to imagine what you're missing.

Sometimes, I still like the old ways....

Glen Finney