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> And, clinically speaking, "technophilia" is "an ego-defense erected to
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> what is that an infected meme?

Assuming you refer to "technophilia", my neologism implied a pathological attraction to, or obsession with, an object (c.f. necrophilia) -- in this case a neurotic absorption in technology or the artifacts of sensation (with apologies to the American Psychiatric Association).

Being quite new to the Transhumanist Ideology and Ethos, I can only recall that the term "meme" was introduced by the Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins to denote the cultural equivalent of genes; ideas and collective phenomena took on a life of their own within society and, along with genes, affected the progress of human evolution. I'm sure this is a very inadequate or erroneous rendering, but I suppose "memes", like genes, are subject to the vagaries of mutation and could become grotesque psychological equivalents of defective genetic material.

I am not a biologist, so I am not aware of anything that could "infect" a meme, although for all I know they could be vulnerable to a virtual neurological virus and become neuropathic, or, for that matter, exhibit unseemly virtual warts or other unwanted excrescences.


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