Re: violence...

J. R. Molloy (
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 23:06:37 -0700

Michael S. Lorrey wrote,
>Not necessarily. I know of many courageous women in history, who
>understood and accepted this credo, and practiced it, and not just in
>the military. Rosa Parks is one example of an exemplary woman who
>understood this credo, and lived it, in civilian life. On the snide
>side, there are also many women who beleive that there are plenty of
>things that are worth someone else (a man) dying for ("What else is a
>man good for?", they might say. ;) ) There is the example of ancient
>Roman matrons telling their sons to come home "with their shields, or on

Yes, I understand that. I think that the world would probably contain less violence if matrons would refrain from telling their sons that they are good for nothing other than dying for something. Of course violence has its advocates, but I find it disingenuous to blame men for the violence in the world when mothers encourage their sons to engage in violence. I think men who choose not to do violent things deserve as much respect as womyn who choose not to do violence.